Relationship Recovery

“I gave him everything I had and he did this to me!!!”

 — Heartbroken Sista —

 It is impossible for a woman to give ALL of herself to anyone or anything. It is only her belief that she is limited in her capacity. Women are direct manifestations of the abundance of the universe in every way. We manifest abundance in our hips, our wombs, our breasts our emotions, and our orgasms, just to name a few. We stand in our power as women when we shed the limiting belief that we only have but so much to give.

This is why we so often carry deep hurt and pain long after the end of a relationship. Resentment is born from the “I gave him all I had” way of thinking. We begin to place blame because we feel as though we have been robbed of our best years, our youth, our vitality, and our sexual fire. None of these things can be any farther from the truth.

As the protectors of the womb, women have the divine right to healing, to restoration, to replenishing, and to experience and express love. These are essential realities to our sacred womanhood. We would not be able to properly nurture our children, our men, or any of the countless other relationships that we care for as women if being limited in our ability to give and to receive was part and parcel to our plight.

It is not only our belief that we only have so much to give that holds us back. It is also our belief that we can and should only receive but so much that stifles our blossoming. Our capacity to receive is only limited by our perception that there are limits.

Exercise wisdom in all things, above all. Trust your intuition. Accept that in life, pain will come. Yet, remember that you are a unique manifestation of the Divine Mother, and as such, abundance is your birthright. No one can ever take that away from you without your permission.


Miss Buttafly


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