Redeeming Rahab

Photo credit: James C. Lewis/N3K Studios

 For those unfamiliar with the story of Rahab, you can read it here without commentary. Rahab is one of my favorite female biblical characters, I dunno… I’ve always been partial to the harlot. I suppose it’s because I feel I can relate. Although I have never exchanged sexual favors for money or gifts, I have exchanged my body for affection, for love, for a sense of security and acceptance. I have been on the receiving end of scathing rumors that were based more in fantasy than in any conceivable reality. I have laughed at the hypocrisy of men who, while still wearing the scent of me, would speak on the immorality of pre/extra-marital sex. I know what it is like to live down to a preconceived notion of who you are because it is expected of you.

I also know what it feels like to reject the shame of a colored past and move bravely into the blank slate of the future. I know what it is to rise above my own misconception of myself to bravely stand and face the word without apology. I am learning what it is to use all of what I got to get what I want and be applauded for it rather than be judged for it. I am redeeming my Rahab. I am bringing the abundance of my sexual energy to fruition in a balanced and harmonious way. I love my Rahab, my harlot, my sacral chakra, my life force. I embrace her tenderness, her vulnerability, her sensuality, her innocence, her rawness. Without her, there would be no Miss Buttafly.

Rahab’s cleverness and ingenuity secured her freedom and that of her family. She leveraged her position as the town’s secret keeper, and eventually became the great, great, great, great, grandmother of the biblical King David.

 Every so-called harlot has to transcend her own negative or counter-intuitive notions and ideas about her value as a woman and a sexual being. She has to redeem herself. She has to regain her memory and become confident in her power. They say, “you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.” That’s true. YOU can’t. She has to do that for herself.


Miss Buttafly

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