Don’t Need Your Pity…. I’m LIVING in Peace. Authentically.

As always, my sista Buttafly speaks truth. Hear ye her.

TheButtaFlyMovement~Holistic Healing and Empowerment~

We’re all guilty of occasionally telling ourselves whatever lie we need to hear in order to comfort our disappointment.


That’s just the reality of it all, now the power is finding your peace without falling in love with that lie. The power is understanding that its okay not to be okay, or that being vulnerable is not the same thing as being weak, or realizing we all go through it, some are just better at hiding it than others…. And not falling in love with that lie is so important because the ones who do become victims, at best, receive pity…never peace.

Daring to love yourself (authentically) is difficult.

Authentic: adj.

mid-14c.,“authoritative,”fromOldFrenchautentique(13c.,ModernFrenchauthentique) “authentic;canonical,”anddirectlyfromMedievalLatinauthenticus, fromGreekauthentikos“original,genuine,principal,”fromauthentes“oneactingonone’sownauthority,”fromautos“self”(see

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