This Year will be Different.

Ase!!! My divine intention for this year is manifested abundance and expansion. This year is already different!!!

TheButtaFlyMovement~Holistic Healing and Empowerment~

This is a New Year……yes. On this 2nd day of January. Happiest of moments to you and the remaining 363 days of the

year, boo!!….New Year 2015

Now that I have made you smile. I’m taking the next few minutes it takes me to type this post-to turn inward, to myself, and acknowledge myself. Half way into the year of 2014, I got this revelation that it was time for self care….charge to my head, heart, or the birth and  postpartum experience from my youngest daughter. I’m on a mission back to living the authenticity that I advocate and empower so much for, FOR REAL….

This New Year….is for me. It’s for the things I love, the passions I can’t live without, the people I pour into that give me EVEN measures of out pouring back…..this is my year to spoil myself, my girls and fully dive into my purpose like a…

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