Genetic Memory

There is a sadness, a grief, a pain that slavery and its subsequent consequences have deposited within the cellular memory of Africans in America. While the shackles and chains, whips and breeding farms are all gone, the residue of our recent tortured past still haunts us. There IS an anger that Black men feel that seems to come from nowhere. There IS a sense of grief, sadness, and depression that Black women feel that has its roots in ancestral pain. There IS an isolation, separation, and disconnection that exists between Black men and Black women that hearkens back to when father & husband was ripped away from wife & mother & child.

We are so quick to label or diagnose a brother or sister who acts out this pathology as crazy or in need of salvation, and are equally as quick to reject the real genetic and psychological effects of hundreds of years slavery…. Like we just magically and mysteriously outgrew such a major social and cultural trauma. Or, have we replaced our genetic memory with religious fables and fairy tales that have done NOTHING for our people except make our sickness even more pathological?

We MUST remember… Everything. The Golden Ages of Mother Africa and the Jim Crow legacy here in these so-called united states…. We have to get our memory back, otherwise, we create our obsolescence.

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