A Deafening Silence

The so-called “conscious” community is markedly silent on the issue of race relations in the United States. The members of this “community” are determined to avoid the subject at all costs, it would seem. While I honestly expect the non-Black so-called conscious folks not to be concerned with the issue of race, it is troubling to witness the silence of some of my Black, so-called conscious brothers and sisters when it comes to this topic. It seems to me that  the brothers and sisters who are silent are  eager to “move on” beyond the very real, very relevant issue of race in America. They want everything and everyone to be equal. While that is idyllic, it is not realistic. They don’t want to discuss the very stark reality that over 50% of the prison population is made up of African American and Latino men. They don’t acknowledge the fact that when the police shoot an innocent, unarmed Black boy or man, there is no outcry. They don’t want to acknowledge the fact that there is a race problem in this country.

These so-called conscious brothers and sisters would love to just sit and hold hands and meditate and criticize the government, religion, and anything else they disagree with…. Anything EXCEPT the race issue. And, as a matter of fact, these people will criticize me for embracing my African heritage and taking on the plight of my people in this country by saying that I’m being divisive. The silence is deafening.

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