Why Stand Ye Here Gazing? (A Rant)

Why are we always so shocked and awed and amazed by corruption, greed, lies, and murder? Why do we insist on maintaining this misinformed illusion that the society we live and subconsciously help to create is anything other than faulty, unsustainable, and yes, corrupt? We consume and consume and then are shocked when our consumption consumes us! This is lunacy! This country was BUILT on corruption, greed, lies, murder, genocide, rape, misogyny, theft, and SCANDAL (Did I mention how much I hate the premise of that show?)… But I digress. These things are nothing new. This is the system that has been created to keep you in a mental and spiritual fog. They feed you just enough bullshit to slow acclimate you to the taste. Stop being shocked by every damn thing all the damn time, and pay attention to what you’re doing! A sick society produces sick people. Our shock and awe (which was the name of a military campaign in the Gulf War, by the way) is indicative of our sickness. Only a lunatic will be shocked when a snake bites him… IT’S A FUCKING SNAKE!!! That’s what snakes do. It’s amazing how easily we allow ourselves to be lulled, over and over again, into a false sense of security. They say, “There’s a new threat on the horizon” and we become afraid. We say, “Obama’s in office. He’ll make everything better.” Then, they say, “The threat has been neutralized” and we feel safe again. We say “Thank you Jesus. You made everything better.” Not ONCE do we question if there was really a threat to begin with. Our refusal to engage our own intellect in this country is STAGGERING! We trust what we see and hear from the corporate-owned media. We’re so eager to have our problems fixed for us, by a president, a savior, a man, a woman, a superhero… we’re so unwilling to speak against something for fear that it will affect us negatively… All we want is a house, a car, a spouse, maybe some kids, and TONS of money. As long as THAT’S straight… we good. C’mon folks… How many times does the snake have to bite you before you realize that it ain’t a pet and it damn sure ain’t your friend?! How much will it take before we realize the truth of what MJ said? They don’t care about YOU! I’m beginning to wonder how much do YOU care….

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