Message from the Great Mother

“The work you do is not simply your work. It is the work of your ancestors. Always honor your ancestors by honoring your work. Do not overwork or underwork. Give due diligence to the work, The Great Work. Do all that enhances the Great Work. Be faithful to the Great Work; it is for the betterment of humanity and the evolution of the Earth, hersel. Reject all that hinders the Great Work. Embrace all that supports the Great Work. Release all expectations of the Great Work. There is no end to the Great Work. It will continue as long as humanity exists within the 3rd dimension. Devote yourself to the Great Work, for the work will assist to free humanity from its illusions.

Fear not, if you do not yet feel connected to your work. The Great Work first begins within you. Only when you have given yourself over to the Great (Inner) Work, can you truly connect with the Great (Outer) Work. Then, you will have received the keys to the kingdom, for the kingdom is within.”

Honey Child Goddess Circle *Image

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