Why Speak Up?


I am a lover AND a fighter. I have my babies in one arm and a weapon in the other. My weapon of choice? My voice (for now). I choose to speak up when others choose to remain silent. It has always been this way. I can remember as a young girl I would get my lips pinched because I said something that was too audacious for a child. I choose to speak because I cannot be silent. Since when did righteous indignation become a byword in our community (yes, I’m talking to “Us”)? How are we so apt to just love and smile and skip through the tulips while forgetting/ignoring the very REAL predicament we find ourselves in? Yes. I meditate. I love. I embrace… but then what? Love should produce JUSTICE. And sometimes, love has to be tough. It has to stand in the face of oppression and call a spade a spade. I encourage my brothers and sisters of color, ALL displaced people of the Afrikan Diaspora, to find and embrace your righteous indignation and use it to create justice for ALL. See… this ain’t just about you and your happiness anymore. If one is oppressed then ALL are oppressed. Find your center… yes. Do that. Then once you do… get up and do something. Since when does loving mean not fighting back against tyranny, oppression, slavery? I don’t get it. What good is your awakened consciousness if it only serves you? Oh, and if you think that this ain’t a war… then baby, you’re still asleep.

2 thoughts on “Why Speak Up?

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