A Message from Bishop Carlton Pearson


CHRISTIANTY INC.” by Bishop Carlton Pearson

“Christianity Inc” and religion overall is broken, not broke, just broken. It is in serious disrepair systemically. The world is watching things shift, even if in some aspects of denial.

The English word history is in effect a combination of the words, His Story, meaning the story of Jesus who is called Christ. Though he is recorded to have said, “I must go”, so far, we have refused to let him go and instead build an entire religion, indeed a cult following around him. This is not new, it was done by the Buddhist around Siddharttha Gautama (Buddha) and Islam around Mohamed, Zoroastrians around Zoroaster and the list goes on.

It seems ironic that the next Pope’s election will be noted by smoke, as in “blowing smoke”. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but Jesus confronted his religious traditions in the same way and now the religion named after how he was perceived, (Messiah/Christ) is repeating the dogmatic spirit he confronted over 2000 years ago. When will we ever learn?

I strongly believe in Messianic consciousness or the appearance of Messianic persons and personalities throughout human history, who seemed to have been enlightened and evolved persons. The problem is the devotees and followers of these “Messianic” teachers, institutionalized the teachers, more than their teachings causing the “doctrines” or teachings, forces and farces after the “God” type person disappeared or died, whether Moses, Jesus or Joseph Smith.

We have called Christianity, the Greatest story ever told, when in fact it may be little less than the greater story ever SOLD and billions of us bought it and have bought into it. The question is, what have we been sold and why do we continue to buy or sell it?

I love God and follow the Christ Principle and Person, Jesus, but to worship him, something, he would have deplored or to become a cult follower of the religion build around him and the fear based theology that suggests him protecting us from God or god’s wrath, (basically the same thing) is the greatest delusion the world has known in recent history. Jesus didn’t come to save or protect us from God, but to reconnect to God in consciousness and perhaps save us from ourselves and our misinterpretations of ourselves in relation to God or the Divine.

I embrace Christ Consciousness in principle, but the institution by the same name is corrupt, obsolete and full of deception, managed and manipulated by the deceived.

You may ask what redemptive value or virtue I find in pointing out these all too obvious speculations? I consider myself a change agent, eager to help free people from religious tyranny and unreasonable dogma. Such freedom will add to the preservation and dignity of life on planet earth. Institutional religion has deteriorated to a crowd controlling deceptive vice that is running out of fuel and people by the millions are awakening to realities beyond our co-dependence on it. A good thing!

An awakening is occurring as we speak (think) and religion, as we’ve known is being forced to shift and in some cases dissipate and disappear. As we release and relinquish the old and embrace the fresh and new with open arms, hearts and heads we will enjoy a new freedom and spiritual illumination that will cover the earth. It will be exciting!

Carlton Pearson,
Peace is Possible!

One thought on “A Message from Bishop Carlton Pearson

  1. Christianity was european religion given to us by european people.
    It is based on astrological concepts of this star system and Earth’s relevance
    in this universe. These practices were stolen, repackaged and resold with a
    blonde haired blue eyed image, then enforced via the Council of Nicea 325 a.d and Council
    of Chalcedon 471.a.d. Constantine unleashed the “Crusades” to enforce this new doctrine
    in Rome as well as its territories. And it has a three part purpose
    First. To create Cultural and racial superiority of the people who created it.
    When you look at the central focus of christianity, it is
    A blonde haired blue-eyed male deity with all european attributes in all his ways.
    When your “Savior” and “God” looks like your master and enslaver,
    you become the principal agent in your own destruction.
    Second. To Create a paralysis of analysis.
    This means you stop thinking for those who believe in it
    Your analytical process becomes paralyzed.
    And You are told what to think, as opposed instead of how to think.
    You are told to believe it by faith.
    Third. To create a perpetual empowerment of the agenda behind it.
    To control thought and deny “knowledge of self.”
    You can not put european thought into an african mind, and expect
    the african to be in his right mind. Please WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE !

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