A Quick Word on Racism

Racism is NOT about about one person or group of people disliking another person or group of people because of the color of their skin. That is NOT what racism is. Racism is the SYSTEMATIC exploitation and economic oppression of a group of people by another group of people for the purposes of power and economic domination. See the difference?

So many people get racism (which is white supremacy, because they’re the group that benefits most from racism) confused with prejudice, bias, and discrimination. Everyone, every single person on the planet, exhibits prejudice, bias, and discrimination on a daily basis. It’s how you choose one thing over another. Your prejudice says you like apples over oranges. You are prejudiced against oranges. Your bias says you like the apples from the farmer’s market better than the apples from the grocery store. You have a bias towards the farmer’s market. When you get to the farmer’s market, you discriminate among the apples to choose the ones you deem most fit for your consumption.

Everyone has a right to be prejudiced, to be biased, and to discriminate. However, for those of us who live with the reality of racism on a daily basis, we have to be able to discern when racism is INFLUENCING another person’s prejudice, bias, and discrimination.

So many people say “this is racist” or “that is racist.” What they fail to realize is that the entire SYSTEM is racist. There is no law passed, no act authorized, no legislation reviewed in our system of government that does not reinforce the ideals of racism. Why? Because to do so would be to immediately admit the fact that certain groups of people in this country have been deliberately and intentionally oppressed so as to restrict their advancement, thereby creating an idealistic society for those who benefit from racism itself. And even Jesus said, “a house divided against itself can’t stand.”

Martin Luther King said, “Let’s get the LANGUAGE right!”

More on this topic coming soon!



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