The Secret Ties That Bind


Secrets can be so deceptive. Growing up, it was seen as a “badge of honor” to be able to keep a secret. Momma raised her children to believe that being a “tattle-tale” was bad. In the hood, there was one law; SNITCHES GET STITCHES. That was the end of it. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. No one wanted to be known as or associated with a snitch. Keeping secrets meant that you were trustworthy and “down.” But what do you do when the secrets you keep are your own?

Secrets have a voice. They do not just lie dormant in the recesses of your mind. Secrets are those nasty little things that whisper to your fears that have not been allowed to come to the light of truth and revelation. This clandestine conversation then manifests itself either in our actions or our inaction. What we do or don’t do is often motivated by what we fear, which is fueled by our secrets. Do you see the vicious cycle? What can be done to call a halt to this cruel chain of events? Expose the secrets.
Secrets are only secrets to those on the outside. To the secret keeper, secrets can be a constant reality. Speaking from personal experience, I can recall that I didn’t even realize that I was keeping secrets. It seemed as though I’d developed a knack for keeping things… even from myself. I went along living my life, suffering the devastating effects of the secrets I was keeping, all unbeknownst to my conscious self. Things I had not allowed to surface were secretly affecting my outlook on life and indeed, how I functioned in my life.
How do we escape from the bondage of secrets, lies, and deceit? With light, truth, honesty, and courage. Again, I speak from personal experience. The childhood pain of abuse that, like a weed, had used the moist, fertile ground of my  mind, my will, and my emotions to try to choke out my sense of self was exposed to the light of the Sun. In exposing a deep, hidden cause of many of my issues, the secrets became toothless dogs. no longer could my secret shame speak to my fear. Now, my secrets has to yield to the greater light of Truth. They had to expose the reason WHY they were there and WHO put them there in the first place.
When this happened, I experienced a flood of emotion that lasted for at least a week. If you have ever shaken a bottle of soda and then removed the top, you will understand what I mean. The floodgates of my heart began to overflow and my healing process began. You see, it is only when we expose our secrets – when we release the guilt, shame, fear, and regret of the past – that we can then move on to the TREASURE that the secrets were attempting to hide. That treasure is the truth that YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE! And nothing that you have done and nothing that has been done to you can change that. Take it from me.

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