Shine Bright


Diamonds are formed deep within the earth under extreme pressure and heat. They are then quickly thrust to the Earth’s surface in a volcanic eruption. Because of the time they take to form, diamonds are rare and expensive. Natural, fancy-colored diamonds are even rarer and more expensive than ordinary diamonds. Pink is on of the rarest and most desirable colors. Natural, pink diamonds are so rare that many jewelers have never seen one, and will never own one.

Quality for quality, fancy, pink diamonds are more expensive than ordinary, near-colorless ones. The very best sapphires are quite expensive, yet they still do not have the sparkle that pink diamonds possess. In addition, even though sapphires are very hard and durable, pink diamonds are many times harder and even more durable.

Like near-colourless diamonds, pink diamonds need to be cut accurately in the best proportions to achieve maximum brilliance, sparkle, and to bring out the best of their colour. “Rough” diamonds, as they are mined or found, do actually look very rough, and need to be enhanced by shaping them using various methods, the process often known as cutting or polishing. Well proportioned stones reflect more light, and therefore often appear whiter and brighter than poorly proportioned stones.*

These are several of the reasons why the “Pink Diamonds” metaphor is so effective. I believe that our every person possesses the rare qualities that push them past the ordinary into the realm of the extraordinary. There are those who have been forming “underground” for years, enduring extreme pressure and testing. Awakening comes now as that final explosive force that thrusts them into the forefront.

In the words of Rihanna, “Shine bright like a diamond!”

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