Peace in the Ether


More often than not, when transitioning from one point in life to another, we can sometimes have unreasonable expectations of how the process is supposed to feel. We like for things to happen in a sequential order of events that is easily predictable. Yet, as happens all too often, we discover that life just doesn’t work that way. Life is chaotic, sometimes out of control. Life happens whether you are ready for it or not, whether you made a conscious decision to follow a particular path or not.

Just looking at it for face value, this can seem like an unwinnable fight. It can seem as if we have no control over what happens to us, as if we are just here… simply existing. Nothing can be further from the truth, though. We have immense control over HOW we respond to the things that happen to us in our lives. We can choose to wallow in self-pity and feel sorry for ourselves, OR we can go bravely into the new direction that life is taking us.

Allow me to speak from personal experience here. When I left Christianity as an ordained minister and CEO of a relatively successful evangelistic ministry, I had NO idea where my path would take me. I didn’t know anything of a life outside of the paradigms of the church, and therefore I was free to come, go, do, say, think, and feel as I seemed fit. Yet, as I’ve been out here “on my own” for a little while now, I must admit that there is a sense of OMG, WTF did I do?! Not that I’m interested in reintegrating into the dogmatic restrictions of the church, but there WAS a sort of “safety net” that I could rely on. I mean, it’s called ORGANIZED religion for a reason. There is structure, such as it is, and order, and hierarchy and chain of command.

Out here, on my own, there is no such “ladder of leadership“. Every man is responsible for himself, and that can be a frightening proposition. This journey has caused me to reevaluate my need for safety and security, and to even question if those concepts actually exist in reality. When I was in the church, I had a gauge, a barometer by which I could measure myself. Out here… nada.

This is both the blessing and the challenge of living an independent, conscious, awakened life. On the one hand, you have the structure of the church (or whatever organized belief system that you may subscribe/have subscribed to) that I mentioned before. Yet, when examined closely, one comes to realize that it is this very structure that holds people captive, preventing them from living life on their own terms and coming up with their own conclusions. It is this life, this way of living, that I call living in the Ether.

The Ether is space between cells, people, planets, etc. It is the space that carries the waves of energy we use to communicate with each other (light, sound, radio, UV, gamma, etc.) It is the Field that all energy must pass through in order to reach its destination. The Ether, or Akasha, is not attached to anyone or any thing. It just is. It is the repository for all human knowledge. It is the “wilderness”, if you will.

In the Ether, one is bombarded with all sorts of emotions, feelings, senses, thoughts, and ideas. And it can be a little daunting being in that place of Being. There really isn’t much to do in that space EXCEPT “to be”. Often we feel as though there is something we should be doing, but when in that space, everything has been done. Intentions have been set. Plans have been made. Wheels are in motion. All that’s left is to make that trip energetically from one space to another. And this is the place where most of us lose it.

Instead of securing ourselves steadfastly to the truth that BEING is tantamount to DOING, we get caught up in the passing energies that we should simply be observing. So instead of BEING peace, we begin searching for peace. And in the Ether, there is no peace except for that which you manifest yourself. Therefore, we do not FIND peace, we BECOME peace. We must embody peace while in the place of transition. Otherwise, who knows where we’ll end up?

Be peace,


For more information on the Ether, please visit this site: Explanation of the Ether

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