Conscious Evolution and My African Mind

If our so-called conscious evolution causes us to wink at the plight of our own people, our land, our culture, and our story, then it really isn’t consciousness at all. How can we be one with the Universe when we are still so scattered right here on Earth?


When I first made the decision to leave Christianity as a belief system, I had no idea that my path would lead me right back home to Mother Africa. Like most Africans in America, I’d been raised with the idea that we were nothing more than former slaves struggling to find our place in the world. To be fair, my father tried, with his limited understanding, to engender some form of cultural pride in me. He taught me about the 60’s, and specifically, the Black Panther Party. He was fascinated with H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael, and Huey P. Newton. He loved their militancy and their fearlessness. It was a great lesson to which I’m grateful to my father for teaching me. However, that’s the extent of any Black/African story that was told in my home.

Sure, there were stories of ancient Egypt and Pharaohs  but those stories were taught from a European, Christian point of view. My father, and his father, and his father before him were “born and raised” in the Black church. Whatever my fathers believed of our story was filtered through the lens of colonialism.

As I began to allow my consciousness to evolve and expand beyond the confines of traditional Pentecostalism and European colonialism, I began to study and even embrace some of the tenants of Buddhism, Taoism, and other Eastern spiritual practices. I began meditating. I learned about the subtle systems of the body and the chakras. I discovered tantra and sacred geometry. I began practicing the Law of Attraction. Everything was lovely. I was riding the high of enlightenment where bliss is the name of the game. As I became aware of the world within, I also became more aware of the world without.

My next phase of conscious evolution had everything to do with identifying the Matrix that we live in. I discovered the truth behind government, religion, and economics. Words and concepts like eugenics, fiat currency, invisible government, and circular reasoning were introduced into my consciousness.Once I discovered how the systems of this world truly work and who benefits from these systems, it seemed only natural to become conscious of those who have been and continue to be exploited in order to maintain these systems.

That leads me to my present state of consciousness. Africa – her story, her people, her land, her culture – seems to be the engine that keeps the well-oiled machine of racism and white supremacy going. Africa, despite scientific and archaeological evidence proving that humanity and civilization began and thrived there, has been plundered. Her land has been invaded and divvied up between European colonizers. Her people enslaved. Her resources exploited. Her story plagiarized. Her culture assimilated and whitewashed. This ravaging was not a “once upon a time” story; it’s still happening… and it continues to have a devastating effect on the minds of the descendants of those enslaved Africans who were brought to the shores of America over 400 years ago.

My conscious evolution gave birth to my African mind. I no longer see myself as an “African American.” To refer to myself as such is to equate my Africanness with being an American. In my mind, the two are not equal. As a matter of fact, my African mind is diametrically opposed to the American mind. My African mind is concerned with Africa, her people, her story, her culture as a whole. My African mind says that those Africans within the diaspora must unite and become one village again. My African mind says that it is lunacy to expect the oppressor to give the oppressed the keys to his freedom. My African mind says that we must return to our roots of Ma’at. My African mind says that the African Man and the African Woman must reconcile and learn to respect one another again if we are to rise as a people.

I meet so many so-called “conscious” people of both African and European descent who skirt around the “Africa” issue. Many feel that while slavery was a horrific experience, it is an experience that should be left in the past like any other. I happen to disagree. I am of the opinion that the past is prologue. I’d love to move on from the horrors of slavery, European colonialism, racism, and white supremacy but the hard truth is that these ideas and concepts are NOT resting peacefully in the past. No. These things are alive and well worldwide. The slave trade never ended; it just became institutionalized and digitized. Africans in America STILL suffer from the mental and psychological effects of colonialism. Racism/white supremacy is the preeminent lens through which we see the world. As I stated before, the effects have been especially devastating to my people, Africans living in America.

Therefore, my conscious evolution which gave birth to my African mind pushes me do my part to bridge this gap. All I have learned in formal institutions of “higher learning” and on my own accord is now being focused on uplifting my people. My African mind sees the patterns of destruction ravaging our communities and my African mind impresses upon me the urgency to discover and implement the solutions to heal our communities. My African mind also realizes that this is a task too daunting for any one person to accomplish alone. Sankofa, the rebuilding of the African nation, is a team effort.


3 thoughts on “Conscious Evolution and My African Mind

  1. The African mind is strong and alive, oh yes you have discovered something, but it is there and has always been there and will always be there. They came and took thier share of the cake and left, the next group (Chinese) is there cutting their share of the cake and will someday leave. That is why the minerals of the earth is there. i beleive they are only greedy and that is their doom. One day we shall all return to dust and nature shall reclaim the land and mankind will move on and earth will shudder and start afresh. We are the passing phrase, the earth is here for the long hull we are the passing tenanats.

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